Squish the T-rex Crochet Along!

Updated: Jan 30

Can we discuss this little love dino for a second?? My daughter, who is in her teens, came home late from work walked into the room and saw this pink T-rex I had just finished. Her eyes immediately went to this Jurassic fluff ball sitting in the corner. She literally squealed, "Is that a T-rex?? Is that a T-REX?!"

I looked at her a bit surprised, I mean teenagers are emotional but it was late and it was just a T-rex. I slowly responded, "Yes."

"Oh. MY. GOSH! It's so cute!" She picked it up and started hugging it, exclaiming all the while how cute, how huggable, how amazing it was. She said, "I'm crying! It's so CUTE, I'm crying!"

Sure enough, she had started crying. Then she asked if she could have it. How could I say no? I mean she literally thought something her non-cool mom had made was worthy of happy tears! Of course I said yes! Plus, you know, she had cried on it.

After a couple days of thought, I decided I wanted to share this with all of you. Who doesn't want to bring on happy tears in those they love??

Sooooo......Are you guys ready to make the cutest T-Rex EVER?? All this week we will be making Squish the adorable T-Rex on Instagram! If you just can't wait to finish your own or want a copy of the PDF pattern, you can purchase it here in my Etsy Shop for just $1.50 until Valentine's Day. PDF Pattern is on sale until Valentine's Day! If you have a couple bucks lying around and just don't want to mess with the different posts and want to make your own army of these, then this might be your best option. If you want to join a fun group of us as we make this Jurassic Hug Monster, then sneak over to my Instagram . Use @mattiemals or #SquishtheTrex or #JurassicHugMonster to post pics as you go! I can't wait to see all your colors and T-rex! I want to know what you name them, who you gift them to, OR if you keep them all so you can take over the world! I'm so excited!!

Why are you still here?

Go...go now...Instagram you amazing hookers!

Have a wonderful week!!

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