Queen of the Hill Free Crochet Beanie

Truth is, I have been working on this pattern for some time. At this point in the game, the number of versions that I have come up with is beyond comical! The first go around was easy, I loved it, I couldn't wait to finalize the pattern. THEN...my husband innocently asked, "Isn't that too holey? Won't it be cold?"

"Not as cold as you are gonna be six feet under!" I grumbled under my breath while simultaneously grabbing a new skein of yarn and walking out of the room to find a quiet place to rework my pattern.

Every attempt after that first one just felt a little off. When I finally found a version that I liked and had completed a half dozen times successfully, I sent it out to testers. THEN...they shared their amazing ideas with me and here I sit, with three versions of this beanie, in two weights of yarn each.

Some days I just need a little physical reminder that I AM as STRONG and POWERFUL as I choose to be! This beanie helps remind me that I am capable of doing hard things and strong enough to handle what comes, as are every one of you! We are all amazing and can lift each other up, we each possess some deity! That's what brought about the Crown stitch in this pattern. I wanted something that felt like a crown but was a little less flashy and lot more comfy and warm!

Today I'm going to share with you the basic version of the Queen of the Hill Beanie. This is the one that was originally sent out to testers and the one I consider the OG version. It's pretty and works up quickly. Perfect as a gift for yourself or someone else. This can be made with worsted weight yarn or bulky yarn, but I'm publishing the bulky version here because it is my favorite!

If you would like to purchase the FULL pattern with the SIX variations, you can visit my Etsy Shop.

Now, grab your favorite hooks, yarn, and a cozy spot to hang out for an hour and get to work on the Duchess Style Queen of the Hill Beanie!



  • Any Bulky weight yarn (yarn weight 5) Red Heart Hygge, Yarn Bee Arabelle Metallic, or similar yarn works

  • Hook Size: J/6.00mm for Brim

  • Hook Size: K/6.50mm for Beanie

  • Scissors

  • Yarn Needle for weaving in ends

  • Stitch Marker (optional)

  • Faux Fur Pom for top of beanie (optional)

  • Leather Brand Tag (optional) ***Check out Laser Llama Boutique on Etsy if you need your own tags***


  • ch=chain

  • sk=skip

  • st(s)=stitch(es)

  • sc=single crochet

  • hdc=half double crochet

  • hdc dec=half double crochet decrease

  • hdc in 3rd loop=half double crochet in the loop just behind the top "V" of the hdc

  • dc=double crochet

  • fpdc=front post double crochet

  • bpdc=back post double crochet

  • tc=triple/treble crochet

  • BLO=crochet in Back Loops Only


Hook size: J/6.00mm

1. Ch 6, turn and 5sc back along chain

2.-48. TURN, ch 1, BLO

Bring row 1 and 48 together, sc both rows together to form the brim. Do not cut yarn, continue below for beanie directions.


Hook size: K/6.50mm

1. ch 1, hdc around edge of brim, you should have 48 hdc total, slst to first ch 1 space, ch 1 (48)

2. hdc in 3rd loop around, slst to first hdc, ch 1 (48)

3. hdc in each stitch around, slst to first hdc, ch 1 (48)

4. repeat row 2 (48)

5. repeat row 3 (48)

6. hdc in 3rd loop around, slst to first hdc, ch 4 (48)

7. skip next 2 sts, dc in 3rd st, *ch 3, sk 2 sts, dc in 3rd st*, repeat * - * 13 more times, sk last 2 sts and slst into 2nd starting chain, ch 1 (16 dc posts total including the ch 4 that created the first post)

This is the crown stitch row. The crown stitch may look tricky, but if you follow the crown stitch directions slowly, by the 3rd one you will be a Pro!

8. a) tc into the same stitch as the first dc from row 7

b) hdc around the chain strand

c) fpdc around the first dc post from row 7

d) hdc around the next chain strand

e) tc into the same stitch as the first dc from row 7 (same spot you tc into with your first tc)

f) bpdc around the second dc post

g) repeat steps a-f (Crown stitch) for a total of 8 times. You will do your last bpdc around the starting chain of 4 from row 7), then slst to the first ch 1 space from row 8 and ch 1.

tc into the same stitch as the dc from row 7
Start crown stitch here.

Crown Stitch Diagram

9. a)fpdc around the first tc of the Crown stitch from row 8

b) bpdc around the next stitch (the first hdc on the chain strand)

c) fpdc around the next stitch (center dc post of the Crown stitch from row 8)

d) bpdc around the next stitch (hdc on the next chain strand from row 8)

e) fpdc around the next stitch (last tc of the Crown stitch from row 8)

f) bpdc around the next stitch (bpdc from row 8)

g) the above sequence is a (fpdc, bpdc)x3 per Crown stitch, you will repeat this a total of 7 more times, then slst to first st and ch 1

10. hdc in every st around, slst to first st, ch 1 (48)

11. hdc in 3rd loop around, slst to first st, ch 1 (48)

12. repeat row 10 (48)

13. repeat row 11 (48)

14. repeat row 10 (48)

15. repeat row 11 (48)

16. (2 hdc, hdc dec) x 12 (36)

17. (hdc, hdc dec) x 12 (24)

18. hdc dec x 12 (12)

19. hdc dec x 6 (6)

Cut yarn, leaving a long yarn tail to close top and weave in ends.

Now you can add a Faux Fur Pom to the top if you'd like.

You can add a brand label to the brim as well.

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