Donut Dog Crochet Amigurumi Pattern

Today's the DAY!! Donut Dog Pattern Day!!

I love Donuts. I love Dogs. Deciding what to create next was an easy decision! I hope you will enjoy this fun little amigurumi pattern. This is the perfect size for a key chain or zipper pull, or you can keep it as an adorable snack size Donut Dog! Get creative and change up yarn colors to make it look like your favorite Fur Baby. I hope you enjoy this pattern. I'd love for you to share your pictures with me! Tag me on instagram @mattiemalscrochet or email me or share your pic in the comments below. Happy hooking!

I'm happy to provide this pattern for free, but please remember that it is copyrighted by Mattiemals Crochet.

Give pattern credit to Mattiemals Crochet if you sell these. If you want to share this on your site please link back to this orginal pattern. Thanks so much!

Donut Dog Pattern

by Mattiemals Crochet


  • 4/0 or 2.50mm crochet hook

  • Lion Brand Yarn - Summer Kiss in Ice Glace (yarn weight 4) for top layer

  • Lion Brand Yarn - Feels Like Butta in Pink (yarn weight 4)

or Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Maze (yarn weight 4) for bottom layer

  • Pink embroidery floss for tongue

  • Pink or Brown embroidery floss for nose accents

  • 6mm safety eyes (optional) can use embroidery floss and sew on instead

  • 6mm safety nose (optional) can use embroidery floss and sew on instead

  • Poly-Fil Stuffing

  • Scissors

  • Stitch marker (optional but very helpful)

  • key chain clasp if making into a key chain or zipper pull


(This pattern is written in US terms. You will work in the round unless otherwise noted.)

ch = chain

sc = single crochet

inc = increase

FLO = Front Loops Only

BLO = Back Loops Only

slst = slip stitch

sk a st = skip a stitch

sts = stitches

dc = double crochet

hdc = half double crochet


  1. Ch 6 (6)

  2. Turn, you will begin in the first open chain loop, 5sc back along chain (5)

  3. Turn, ch1, working around both rows, 4sc, 2inc, 4sc (12)

  4. slst and cut yarn, leaving a long enough tail to stitch to bottom side of donut hole later on.


Option #1 (flat and round):

  1. Ch 3 (3)

  2. Turn, 2 inc, continue to other side of chain, 2 inc (8)

  3. Continue working around, inc, 3sc, inc, sc, inc, sc (11)

  4. slst and cut yarn tail long enough to stitch nose in position at top of the donut hole later on.

**You can insert the safety nose one row above center of your nose. Use embroidery floss in pink or brown to run a line from the bottom center of your nose to the bottom your circle. I like to run my embroidery floss through this area 2x to make it thick enough to be visible.**

Option #2 (protruding):

  1. Ch3, in 7sc in first loop of chain (7)

  2. ch1, Turn, dc in each stitch (7)

  3. ch1, Turn, dc, (dc, ch1, dc) in next st, sc, slst, sc, (dc, ch1, dc) in next st, dc (9)

  4. slst and cut yarn tail long enough to stitch nose in position at top of the donut hole later on.

**If using a safety nose, you will insert it between rows 3 & 4 at stitch 5. If embroidering a nose you will embroider nose between rows 3 & 4 between sts 4-6. You will then run a piece of brown embroidery floss from the bottom center of the nose to the bottom center of row 4. I like to run my floss through 2x so that the midline is thick enough to see.**

Ears (make 2):

  1. Ch4 (4)

  2. Turn, 3sc across chain (3)

  3. ch1, Turn, 3sc across (3)

  4. ch1, Turn, 3sc across (3)

  5. ch1, Turn, inc, 2sc (4)

  6. ch1, Turn, 4sc across (4)

  7. ch1, Turn, 4sc across (4)

  8. ch1, Turn, sc, inc, 2sc (5)

  9. ch1, Turn, 5sc across (5)

  10. ch1, Turn, 5sc across (5)

  11. ch1, Turn, in 3rd sc space: (hdc, 3dc, hdc), slst in the 5th sc space (5)

  12. ch1, Turn, 5inc, then sc around whole ear (20sc), then slst to first sc along edge

  13. Cut yarn and leave a long enough tail to stitch ears to head.

**Set the ears aside to attach later**

Bottom Half of Donut:

Using Autumn Maze Color for a regular cake donut or Feels Like Butta Pink for a strawberry donut

  1. MR, 24sc (24)

  2. FLO: 24sc around (24)

  3. both loops: (3sc, inc) x6 (30)

  4. (4sc, inc) x6 (36)

  5. 36sc around (36)

  6. 36sc around (36)

  7. 36sc around (36)

  8. 36sc around (36)

**Cut yarn and leave a small tail. Tie tail to the yarn tail from the magic ring and trim both pieces.**

Top Half of Donut:

Using Summer Kiss-Ice Glace yarn:

Earlier we crocheted in the Front Loops of the MR, now we are going to crochet in the back loops of the MR (see picture on right).

  1. BLO: 24sc around (24)

  2. Both Loops: (3sc, inc) x6 (30)

  3. (4sc, inc) x6 (36)

  4. 36sc around (36)

  5. 36sc around (36)

  6. (5sc, inc) x6 (42)

  7. 42sc around (42)

  8. 42sc around (42)

*Note: While Summer Kiss Yarn is the same yarn weight as Caron Simply Soft, it works up a bit smaller. That is why in row 6 we increase again. If you are using two yarns that work up the same, skip rows 6-8 and repeat rows 4-5 one more time.*

You are going to place your stitch marker in your last stitch to hold it for now. You are not going to cut the yarn. I find adding some of the face elements now is easier than if you stuff it first. See instructions and pictures below:

Assembling Face:

1. Between rows 2-6 under the donut hole, place the tongue. I like to stitch down the center of the tongue and across the bottom as well to keep the tongue in place.

2. Now between rows 2-5 above the donut hole, stitch the nose in place.

3. Add safety eyes on either side of nose in row 5. Leave 4 stitches between the eyes.

Icing Drip & Connecting Outside of Donut Halves:

You will remove the stitch marker from the last stitch of your Donut's Top Half. Insert hook in this stitch and follow the below instructions to create the icing drip for the edge of the donut.

  1. FLO: 2dec, *slst, sk a st, 5dc in next st, sk a st, slst, 3sc in next st, slst, sk a st, 4hdc in next st, sk a st, dec* Repeat * - * 2 more times, dec one last time. (36)

  2. Cut yarn, leaving a long enough tail to stitch both side of the donut together. Using a mattress stitch, In the open Back Loops of the last row, and both loops of the bottom half row 8, connect the donut halves. I pause about every 10 stitches and stuff the donut.

Adding Ears to Face:

Ears go directly above the eyes in rows 7-8 of the top half of the donut and 8-7 of the bottom half of the donut.

You now have a gluten free, calorie free, scrumptious dog donut that won't chew up your favorite shoes!

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