(pronounced Mattie-muls; Mattie+animal=Mattiemals)

Who or what is Mattiemals?

Hi! I'm Mattie, owner of Mattiemals Crochet!  I'm an Idaho girl, born and raised!  I love yarn, animals, and making animals out of yarn!  I have three teenagers who I LOVE, even though they think I'm uncool and I'm not sure if they LOVE me back most days.  I LOVE making ocean animals even though I've never lived close to an ocean and most things in them scare me.  I have a big dog and a little dog, which I should've seen coming since one of my favorite childhood books was Fred and Ted (a big dog and a little dog).  I LOVE olympic weightlifting which I do with my daughter.  My husband is the BEST!  He puts up with piles of yarn stashed EVERYWHERE.


How it started


​I was six and my grandma asked me to help her unravel a piece of crochet work that she had messed up on.  I happily started frogging (undoing) her crochet, shortly after my mom showed up to take me home. 

The next day, when my mom dropped me off I ran into the other room and picked up where I left off.  There I sat, happy as a clam, yanking out her crochet project, when my Grandma walked in and gasped.  Apparently Grandmas do stuff even when you aren't there!  She had fixed her mistake after I had gone home, redone all her work, and there I was frogging it AGAIN! (I'm lucky she was so patient and loving!)

I guess she figured, to help me gain appreciation for all those stitches I had unraveled, she'd teach me what goes into crocheting something.  She started teaching me to crochet hot pads, then blankets, and I have gone from there.

Why it continues

I've done it to give to others, I've done it because I love it!  I've done it for mental health, I've done it for the amazing maker community that is everywhere.  I've done it because I'm truly addicted to the endless number of things you can create with yarn!

You just thought I did this to hide my yarn obsession didn't you?!  Well, that might be part of it too!

I do it because I have grown up loving stuffed animals.  I get so much joy out of seeing kids snuggle a Mattiemal!

I do it to teach others, I feel like creating is a desire we are all born with.  I find joy in giving someone else the knowledge they need to create something, anything, out of a string.

So that is why I've created this fun Crochet Amigurumi Blog and Shop and hope you'll join me here often!